A combined 3840 hours per year go in to building relationships with the very best Salesforce specialists and companies. We recruit for all things Salesforce in Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Sebastien Quinternet

    Senior Salesforce Developer

    Ben is a highly skilled and trustworthy recruiter. He understood exactly what I was looking for and was careful to make sure he only put me forward for a role which closely matched. He also took care of everything throughout all steps of the recruitment process and regularly caught up since I started to ensure everything was going well. I am very satisfied with my experience with Ben and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new position.

  • Maryam Ebrahimi

    Salesforce Developer

    I recently worked with Ben to secure a permanent Salesforce Developer position with Open Colleges. I had initially been in touch with Ben to discuss my career goals and the next time he called was to brief me on a role that matched exactly what I was looking for. I met Ben face to face to get an insight into the role at Open Colleges and we discussed how this role would give me the further exposure I was looking for and how it would enable me to really develop my skills and push on. Ben prepared me thoroughly for my interviews and gave me detailed notes on what I could expect from each round. Ben kept in touch throughout the process, gave me regular updates and his advice and support was really appreciated. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone in the Salesforce market.

  • Petra Cibulkova

    Salesforce Administrator - Scentia

    Ben recently helped me in securing a Salesforce Administrator role. During our conversations I felt that he really listened to what I was looking for and quickly came back with a role that was perfectly suited to what I wanted and where I could further develop my skills. He has been very supportive throughout the whole process including tips and preparation for the interview, answering all my questions and concerns as well as checking on me regularly to make sure all is well. I really appreciate Ben's professionalism and honesty and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a suitable role or candidate.

  • Melvin Daguplo

    Senior Salesforce Functional Consultant

    Talent Hub were very good at understanding what I needed and were able to help me secure a role and move from Australia to New Zealand. David and Ben helped me through the recruitment process by providing really valuable tips and guidance before the interviews and throughout the recruitment process itself. They helped me land a great job and are even continuing to check up on how I am doing and are ready to offer any assistance I need in my new company. It was great working with Talent Hub, highly recommended!

  • Surajsingh Thakur

    Senior Salesforce Developer

    When I started looking for Salesforce Development opportunities it was Ben who connected with me instantly and gave me the much needed confidence of getting a brilliant opportunity as a Salesforce Developer.

    Ben is immensely trustworthy and a highly skilled recruiter with a strong network in the SFDC space. He is extremely specialised in Salesforce recruitment across Australia and New Zealand. Ben comes to you with plenty of Salesforce opportunities to choose from with no compulsion of any kind. Ben lets you decide the profile you would like to go for and processes it only when you are happy to go. On the way, he will give you enough confidence and expert advice which enormously helps you to get your dream job. Most importantly, he has a strong positive aura in his personality which eventually becomes your strength to achieve the ultimate success.

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