Tips for Writing a Salesforce Resume

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Whether you’re new to the Salesforce market or you’re an experienced professional thinking about making a move to take on a new Salesforce challenge, we’ve found that a Salesforce resume has a number of distinctive features. We share with you our top tips for putting together a strong Salesforce resume to impress the hiring manager and do what you have to offer justice.

Have multiple versions of your resume, each highly tailored to the role you’re applying for

Research the company and the role and showcase your skills and experience that are highly relevant to their particular set up and goals.

Make an impact with an easy to digest career snapshot

Hiring managers will be looking for keywords and so give them what they’re looking for. This is the section where you can display your Salesforce certifications or other relevant achievements. Mention the specific Clouds you’ve used, and tools you’ve worked with. These give you the edge over other candidates. If you’ve worked with Communities or with Lightning as an example, and this organisation is planning to move to Lightning and implement Communities, make sure you mention it in this early section.

Highlight what you did specifically on a project, and what your impact was.

If you talk “we” collectively, it’s difficult for an employer to understand your individual contribution, and differentiate your role and responsibilities between projects.

Consider using logos to accompany the Salesforce certifications you’ve achieved, and make sure they’re all maintained

These really give your resume a Salesforce kick!

Give them the numbers and show them how it affected the company.

Quantify your accomplishments and use metrics such as goal obtained, money reduced, time saved, issues resolved so that they can see what an impact you can have.

Give context such as how many Users, size of and complexity of the project.

The same role can mean different things in different organisations and so paint a brief picture of what your world looks like.

Include Trailhead achievements.

Whilst they might not secure you a role alone without accompanying experience, organisations are keen to see initiative and a willingness to learn and keep up to date with the evolution of the platform. Trailhead absolutely demonstrates a passion for the platform.

Mention if you contribute to User Groups or have spoken at events.

They demonstrate being active in the Trailblazer Community, and priding yourself on being a thought leader.

Leave no room for assumption or unconscious bias.

If you’ve contracted in roles, that’s great! Mark them as contract roles so as to remove any potential assumption that you left a permanent role fairly quickly. Contract roles are desirable experience for a number of reasons. Likewise, if your most recent role wasn’t in the city or country that you’re applying, make sure you mention the working rights that you hold, or your current city of residence.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume to further tell your story.

Ask for testimonials from people you’ve worked with previously, and see it as an opportunity to further position yourself as an expert, by publishing articles and being an active contributor for thoughtful and value-adding posts.

Adding the word ‘Salesforce’ to your title on your LinkedIn profile will make you easily identifiable and easy to find. You may even receive approaches regarding roles from hiring managers and Talent Acquisition professionals.

Keep up to date with the latest Salesforce releases and news.

Think about how they might apply to what the potential employer has outlined for the future. This will be useful when you’ve successfully impressed with your resume and are moved through to interview stage!

Using a Salesforce specialist recruiter to represent you can strengthen further. To see some of the roles we are recruiting for in the space of Salesforce login here.

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Best of luck with your job search Trailblazer

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