Andy Mahood on building and scaling a Salesforce product business and the path to CTA [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we talk with London based Salesforce CTA, Andy Mahood who founded Taskfeed, and recently merged the business with Precursive, where he operates as the CTO.
Andy walks us through his early career and the roles that he’s played, which include working for both an end user and a Consulting Partner, leading on to his role today of Founder, and CTO of Precursive.
Andy gives candid insights into getting a product business off the ground, including the logistical and financials, and then building, scaling and creating a team around him.
He explains how his own role has changed as the team has scaled, moving from business creator to CTO, and what that transition has entailed.
Additional to being a product Founder, Andy is a Salesforce CTA, and we asked him about his personal CTA journey, how he prepared, and what it felt like to pass. He gave us an insight into the difference that it made to his own mindset, and how others perceived him in a professional setting.
This episode is full of tips and pieces of advice, whether your interests lie in building a product business, the journey to CTA, or you just love an inspiring Salesforce story!
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