Arjan Kramer on his journey to CTA and being authentic in your work [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we’re joined by Salesforce CTA and Program Architect Director at Salesforce, Arjan Kramer, who is based in the Netherlands.

Having seen Arjan speak at Dreamforce, we were keen to hear about his Salesforce journey and the roles he’s played both before his life at Salesforce, and since joining the ecosystem.
He shared with us his career plans when he was younger and how the skills he learned even in his younger years have been transferable in his role today. Prior to working at Salesforce, Arjan had a lengthly tenure at Capgemini in the Netherlands, and he goes into detail as to how he was able to keep learning and progressing during those years.
He shared with us how he first heard of the CTA program, his CTA journey, and the gaps he had to overcome to be successful when he met with the Review Board.
Arjan is a generous contributor in the Community, and an accomplished public speaker, and he shared his own tips on building your confidence and finding a sense of calm in performance.
He explains how these skills help him in his Architect role, and what other traits and skills make a great Architect in his mind.
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