The Australia and New Zealand Salesforce Summary

As countries go, Australia and New Zealand certainly punch above their weight on a global scale and this definitely applies to their Salesforce communities as well. This region is a fantastic place to build your Salesforce career, in fact we don’t think there is anywhere better. We wanted to provide a brief overview of the Salesforce ecosystem here to get you up to speed and to ensure you know what you are missing out on.
Salesforce have been in this region since 2002, when Marc Benioff used the location as a regional hub and growth centre for Asia Pacific.
Since 2012 the market has gone from strength to strength and a dynamic Salesforce ecosystem has been created. With the rapid growth not looking to slow down, the biggest challenge facing the Salesforce community is a profound shortage of skilled Salesforce professionals. This is where you come in!

Where are the opportunities?

In Australia, a major proportion of the Salesforce projects and jobs can be found in Melbourne and Sydney. There is increasing growth in Brisbane and pockets of work found in Adelaide and Perth. All cities have their positives and negatives, and although there is certainly more projects and job opportunities in Sydney and Melbourne, there is less competition for jobs and less Salesforce expertise in the other cities, giving you the potential to progress quicker.
New Zealand might be smaller in scale with less global companies, however technology is a huge industry and Salesforce is certainly becoming very popular. The commercial centre of NZ is Auckland, where the highest proportion of Salesforce opportunities and projects are. Wellington has a smaller but growing Salesforce community.

What are companies looking for?

Salesforce’s technological developments and uptake in Australia and New Zealand has moved faster than the skills of the local workforce, creating a skills shortage across the Salesforce community. Talent Hub see demand for Salesforce Administrators all the way through to Certified Technical Architects.
Although the local pool of resource isn’t able to meet the demand, companies are still ideally looking to hire people who have Australian and New Zealand residency, this includes people moving to Australia or New Zealand who have already secured permanent residency. However, as the skills shortage becomes more profound, companies are increasingly open to hiring from overseas and are willing to sponsor visas for the right candidate. The various visas and how to apply for them is outlined further detail in the Visa Section of the Australia and New Zealand Salesforce Hub.

What opportunities are available?

The major projects in Australia and New Zealand are predominantly delivered by Salesforce Partners, with project teams supplemented with contractors as and when required. The major global Salesforce Partners are in the region along with a number of local, highly skilled Salesforce Consulting practices. End user companies typically hire a core team of permanent Salesforce professionals and fill any short to medium term gaps with contract resource or Salesforce partner representatives.
Salesforce certifications are looked upon favourably by many employers across the region, although they alone will not secure you a role.


Why should you consider moving to Australia or New Zealand?

As a skilled Salesforce professional, you could not pick better locations to carve out your career than in Australia or New Zealand. The average Salesforce specialist in the region is contacted six or more times per month about new opportunities, and employers are crying out for new Salesforce resource. The scale and complexity of the projects is also impressive, meaning you’ll be challenged and there’s the possibility of fast tracking your career as companies will want to up skill and invest in you.
Talent Hub have helped Salesforce professionals from all over the world move to Australia and New Zealand with amazing job opportunities. If you are interested in hearing about what the region has to offer you, get in touch with the team today.