Dreamforce 2018 Predictions

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On Tuesday, upwards of 180,000 Salesforce trailblazers will descend upon San Francisco for the biggest tech event on the planet. The one and only, Dreamforce 2018.

Famously, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff uses Dreamforce as a stage to make hotly anticipated announcements, reveal context around developments throughout the previous year, and set the direction of Salesforce for the coming 12 months.

Marc is also very well known for making surprise announcements in his keynote, so what are we thinking he might unveil next week?

Artificial Intelligence

We expect to hear more about developments in the AI space, the harnessing of data, and how this technology can further improve the customer experience and the efficiency of Salesforce customers.

Alongside this, we will hopefully be given further insight into the agenda of Salesforce’s Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology, which Benioff announced last month.

“Now, here at Salesforce, we have determined that this ethical and humane use of technology, especially within this context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it must be clearly addressed, not only by us but by our entire industry,” Marc said.

More of the ‘my’s’

Salesforce first launched myIoT at Dreamforce 2017, and Marc is expected to announce some of the features that myIoT has developed during the past months since the initial unveiling. Expect to hear more customisation and branding detail, and lots more ‘my’s’.

Mulesoft and Integration Cloud

Salesforce acquired Mulesoft in March of this year, very shortly followed by Integration Cloud. We’re excited to hear more detail around the depth of integration of these into the platform, and what the future holds here, which Marc will very likely build out.

Einstein Voice and Einstein Voice Bots

The unveiling of Einstein Voice Salesforce Einstein Voice Bots, which are highly customisable voice recognition technology which integrates into Salesforce and are compatible with other voice assistants will be a hot topic, no doubt. With the ability to adapt to slang and company jargon, we hope to hear more.

Blockchain Technology

Earlier this year, Salesforce announced that it was developing its own blockchain technology-based product. Perhaps we can expect to hear a lot more about this at Dreamforce, given that Blockchain Executive Sandra Ro, CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council will be in attendance at Dreamforce.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

There’s often an announcement along the partnership lines, will this be the case this year? Given Salesforce’s commitment to developing Marketing Cloud with a number of acquisitions, perhaps it could be around this area?

Climate Change

This year, Dreamforce hosts the first Climate Summit and this will likely be a very significant topic explored throughout with Climate advocate, Al Gore. Dreamforce has initiated several programs to promote sustainability at Dreamforce this year and demonstrate its commitment to this issue.


Equality, diversity and inclusion is a commitment that Salesforce is highly dedicated to, and the Equality Summit at Dreamforce this year will likely be a topic explored further by Marc. He’ll discuss current Equality issues impacting both communities and companies alike, and how we can push for change for the better.

A Big Reveal

Marc Benioff has already whet our appetites with the promise of a ‘big reveal’ at this year’s Dreamforce, what could it be..?






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