Jitendra Zaa on the significance of having a mentor and community when undertaking the CTA journey [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by USA based Salesforce CTA, Author and MVP, Jitendra Zaa.

Throughout the chat, Jitendra shares his early career background, how he initially became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and why he commenced on the path of working towards the CTA.

We talk about how he persevered and overcame challenges getting his first foot in the door with the Salesforce experience he had, and how his career has taken him across the world.

Having previously set up a 600+ team overseas, we touch on what he looks for when he interviews candidates, and how Salesforce professionals can put their best foot forward in interview situations, no matter their level of experience.

We discuss his journey to CTA, the importance of working with a mentor to adjust your approach, test yourself, and why he considers himself an Engineer at heart.
Jitendra gives a really candid insight into the value of building a support network with others on the same path, and giving back to others in the global Salesforce ecosystem through initiatives such as his speaking engagements and blog, Jitendra Zaa.
Make sure as well as checking out his blog that you’re following Jitendra on LinkedIn or on Twitter @jitendrazaa to stay connected, and if you have any questions, then Jitendra is happy to chat with you online.
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