Adam Best on the growing DevOps space [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Senior Program Architect at Salesforce, Adam Best.
Adam returns to the podcast to give us an update on his specialist area of DevOps, which is an ever growing part of the world of delivery within the Salesforce space. 
As more businesses embrace DevOps as a part of their delivery process, we discuss how this impacts on the talent pipeline for specialists with skills in this area.
As opportunity continues to grow for people to transition their Salesforce careers into the DevOps vertical, we discuss the differences between DevOps roles and similar roles such as the Release Engineer, exploring the part that tooling products play. We discuss how those with a non-technical background can become specialists in delivery, and the skills and traits that are the most beneficial for success.
Adam shares what keeps him excited to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and why he believes that the rest of the decade will be exciting for the company’s growth.
We always enjoy hearing from Adam, as an enthusiastic advocate of the Trailblazer and someone who contributes his time generously to the Salesforce community.  Make sure you’re following him on LinkedIn, and that you connect with him if you have any questions on the subject of DevOps.
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