Irena Miziolek on becoming the world’s first female CTA and one of the world’s first 10 Technical Architects to pass the Review Board [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we were joined by one of the world’s first 10 CTA’s all the way from Oregon in the USA, Irena Miziolek. Irena was the world’s first-ever female CTA, and we were honoured that she took the time to share her story with us.
Irena was able to provide such a unique insight into the evolution of the CTA, including how it was developed and perceived at the time that she became aware of it. Having previously been a judge on the Review Board, she explained the skills required to pass, and how it should be approached by people who have the goal in their sights.
Having been in the Salesforce ecosystem for a number of years, Irena was able to share her views on certifications which have since been phased out and replaced, and how she would hire for her own team.
Irena possesses so much knowledge and has contributed heavily to the Salesforce ecosystem, we’d recommend that you follow her on LinkedIn, and we hope you enjoy the chat!
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