John Railton on a passion for people leadership and what makes the New Zealand Salesforce ecosystem special [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we talk with Salesforce Capability Lead for Xero, John Railton, based out of New Zealand.

We kick the episode off by understanding how his education and personal interests lead him into the world of I.T, and more specifically how he found his way into the Salesforce ecosystem and the roles that he’s played.
John has worked within Salesforce Partner organisations prior to joining Xero, and he gives us insight into the key differences between working for a Partner and an end-customer, typically. He explains the day to day of his current role, and the challenges he faces, as well as what he finds the most rewarding.
As somebody who enjoys leading teams, John talks us through people leadership styles and the ability to achieve through others. He explains the benefits of working effectively with stakeholders and well as your own team members, and how the idea of managing up is a skill that can make people more effective in their roles.
John has worked previously as a Salesforce contractor in Australia, and so he shares his experiences of the differences he identified between the New Zealand and Australian markets, and what the New Zealand Salesforce ecosystem is like at this point in time.
John has a really interesting background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and we hope that you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it!

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