Kevin Boyle on the evolution of DevOps in the Salesforce space [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by UK based co-founder and CEO of Gearset, Kevin Boyle.
Kevin talks us through what initially attracted him to a career in the technical space, how he first became exposed to DevOps and then Salesforce, and what led to him co-founding a business.
Gearset is a comprehensive DevOps tool and so we discussed what DevOps actually is and some common misconceptions around it.
Kevin explains how he identified the need for DevOps tools in the Salesforce ecosystem, the perception shift in the market, what the catalyst was, and how it has continued to evolve.
Kevin explains when companies should consider utilising DevOps tools over change sets and why DevOps isn’t just for Developers.
Finally, we talk about the growth of Gearset, what he enjoys about running a business, and what he’s excited about for the future.
Make sure that you follow Kevin on LinkedIn to stay connected, and if you have any questions, then he’s happy to chat with you online.
We hope you enjoy listening to his story!





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