What it takes to become a CTA session at Virtual Dreamin 2020 with Carl Brundage, Karishma Lalwani and Sebastian Wagner [VIDEO]

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Salesforce Certified Technical Architects, Carl Brundage, Karishma Lalwani and Sebastian Wagner shared their stories, expertise and insights at a session at this year’s Virtual Dreamin, moderated by Talent Hub’s Ben Duncombe.
A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in Salesforce ecosystem and Ben spoke to the panel to find the answers to questions such as:
  • What is the reality, when it comes to the scale and complexity of projects someone needs to have faced – to be ready for the review board?
  • We see the ‘Architect’ title used by people at all different levels. In your opinion, when has someone earnt that title?
  • On your journey to CTA, did you have any team leadership/management responsibilities and if so – did that help or hinder your preparation?
  • Throughout your preparation for the review board, what did you identify as your biggest gaps and how did you address them?
  • If you could liken the review board to a scenario that someone may face in their day to day job, what would it be?
  • So many people aspire to be a CTA, so what does the day of a CTA actually look like?
  • There are many stories of non-technical people coming into the Salesforce ecosystem and making successful careers. Can non-technical people go on to become CTAs?
  • Even CTAs still need to learn and grow. What are you currently looking to learn and how do you stay motivated?
  • What are some of the resources that you recommend to others on their CTA journey?

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