Talent Hub’s 2018 Salesforce Manager Survey ANZ Insights

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To complement the valuable and comprehensive insights from our 2018 Salesforce Talent Survey, we now bring you the ANZ Salesforce Manager Survey 2018. We give a voice to hiring managers so that we can understand their goals for the coming 12 months, and share in their challenges.

The Talent Hub Salesforce Manager Survey is a comprehensive guide to current Salesforce hiring trends to provide you with meaningful insight whether you’re a Salesforce professional yourself, or you’re managing a Salesforce team. In fact, wherever your role sits within the Salesforce community, even if you’re simply considering pursuing a Salesforce career presently, these two sets of survey results go hand in hand to highlight opportunity within an exponentially growing Salesforce ecosystem within the ANZ region.

Thank you to all of the Salesforce managers from Consulting practices and End User organisations who took part, and as a result of the large volume of survey responses received, Talent Hub have been pleased to make donations to Redkite, batyr and the RSPCA, amongst other charities this year to thank our respondents for their time.

Are you surprised by any of these results, or are there any areas within the Salesforce Manager report which you’d love for us to investigate further? We’re keen to hear your thoughts in the comments box below..

If you missed viewing our 2018 Talent Survey results, you can uncover our insights here.


  1. Not too many surprises there, good to see the numbers.
    One observation is the non-adherence to the economics of supply and demand. Recruiters find it hard to fill quality Salesforce professionals largely because the remuneration does not reflect scarcity. I think you all know what I mean. It either has to change, or the situation persists, or quality stays low, churn stays high.
    Hiring manager should shift to a value focus, ie what value can a good candidate add to the business with the power of Salesforce, and not look at it as a high headcount cost on a balance sheet.

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