Anup Jadhav on being an industry expert in the Salesforce ecosystem and the future of specialisation [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we speak with Anup Jadhav, who is a Salesforce Program Architect working at Salesforce, based in the UK.

Anup has had exposure to a number of different areas, such as development, engineering and architecture, and as we discuss his career path, he shares what first attracted him to the industry and how he first became involved with Salesforce.

Having held a previous role in engineering management, Anup explains how he approached developing effective team leadership skills to build a productive, motivated, and empowered technical team when being technically experienced himself, and the mindset he adopted around people management.

We talk about the path he has pursued of being an industry expert, and the impact that has had on his professional development. We discuss the reasons he decided to take that route, and how he sees the future of Salesforce specialisations evolving potentially, and including more industry specialisations going forward. If you have an interest in insurance, his insights in this space and his predictions for the future are also fascinating.
All round, an interesting chat that will likely resonate with many of you.

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