Tameem Bahri on writing “Becoming A Salesforce Certified Technical Architect” and helping Salesforce professionals on their journey to CTA [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we speak with UK-based Certified Technical Architect and European Salesforce CTO at Capgemini, Tameem Bahri, about the release of his book, “Becoming A Salesforce Certified Technical Architect”. 

Throughout the episode, we discuss his Salesforce career, his journey to CTA, and where the idea first originated from to write a book. 
Having led CTA development programmes in large SI’s previously, we delve into what makes people ready to take on the Review Board, how the role of Architect has changed over the years and the common problems that he sees within the architecture space.

We talk about the contents of the book, and how it covers example-led architectural strategies and best practices.
The episode will be useful to people also preparing for a career in Salesforce also, and Tameem gives his insights into the non-technical side of the skills spectrum, and of course, what excites him about the future of the platform.

You can order your copy of “Becoming A Certified Technical Architect” online here. Electronic versions can also be purchased at Kindle.
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