Karishma Lalwani on work speaking louder than individual differences, and the journey to CTA [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by US-based Salesforce CTA and Director for Product Management at Salesforce, Karishma Lalwani. 

Karishma shares her story of why she first embarked upon a career in I.T and computer science, and how it has led her to the point in her career that she’s at today. 

Having achieved the Salesforce CTA credential, she sheds some light on what this journey was like for her, why she set it as a goal for herself, and how it has enabled her to progress from architecture, into the role that she holds today, with Salesforce. 

Having worked in situations frequently where females are under-represented previously, she talks us through how she has approached this, the observations she’s made, and how she has overcome challenges around self-confidence in the past.  

We talk about what traits some of the very best Architects that she’s worked with possess, and why these are important, and she shares tips for aspiring Architects to adopt. 

It was very interesting to hear about what Karishma is passionate about for the future of the platform, and so make sure you’re following her on LinkedIn to keep up to date with her future speaking engagements and content. 

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Enjoy the episode!

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