Melvin, a Salesforce Functional Consultant from The Philippines has now lived in Australia AND New Zealand

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How long have you been in NZ and how long prior had you been planning to make the move?

I have been in NZ (particularly in Auckland) for 4 months.  I had originally planned to do the move about 3 months prior. It was a seamless move with the help of my company and Talent Hub has been much help as well.




What visa did you initially enter NZ on? Are you still on the same visa?

Work Visa. I am still on the same Visa but currently working on my residency application.





Why did you choose to come to NZ on that visa? What other options did you consider?

The work visa was released quite fast by Immigration NZ. This enables a quicker move to NZ. The immigration officer was really helpful with the urgency of my application. No other options were considered since the work visa was still considered relatively faster.





What was the process for securing the visa? How long did it take?

It took about 4 weeks albeit with the Christmas Holidays in between so all in all the actual application took about 2 weeks. The process started with scouring all required documentation as evidences to support the application. These include evidence of partnership, identity,  and education and skills qualification.





What was the hardest thing about relocating to NZ?

The hardest was starting and applying for all the basic needs while currently on the job. Basic needs include apartment, internet, water, electricity, etc.





What would you have done differently?

I probably have researched a better internet provider before signing up. Other than that, it’s really not bad at all.





How did you secure your first role in NZ and what advice would you give to a Salesforce job hunter looking to secure their first role in NZ?

Secured my role through Talent Hub’s efforts. I would recommend them since they have a really good understanding of the current Salesforce market and the needs of the companies where your skills may be more suited. They helped me secure a role with the top Salesforce partner in NZ which I am currently enjoying.





What advice would you have for a Salesforce professional looking to move to NZ?

I would definitely recommend a move to NZ. NZ gives more focus on innovative technologies and skilled migrants with Salesforce experience are well accepted here.





What have you found to be the main differences between living and working in NZ compared to your home country?

The main difference between this and my home country (Philippines) would be the emphasis on having a well balanced lifestyle. In addition, in the Philippines, the market has not yet fully accepted the cloud and new technologies. This would be a challenge to a Salesforce professional seeking to get a more challenging project.





What do you most like about living and working in NZ?

You are one drive (or flight) away from enjoying the most awesome scenery in the world!





Why did you choose NZ in the first place?

NZ is where my close Uni friends are which helped with the selection. Not to mention that NZ is an awesome and beautiful place to live.





How has moving to NZ been good for your career?

It has been good to my career. I am in a company which offers both consulting and technology solutions and highly regarded. There is a lot of upside to grow my skills across large clients across NZ.





Have you now got an NZ accent?

Not yet! Let’s wait and see in a few months. 😉


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