Steve Baines, Vice President with Apps Associates

Steve Baines on his entrepreneurial journey, mergers, acquisitions and lessons along the way

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In today’s episode, we are joined by Steve Baines, a Salesforce CTA and Vice President with Apps Associates in the US.

In the episode, we explore a little bit about Steve’s early career, how he started in IT and then found his way into the Salesforce ecosystem. Then we focus on Steve’s entrepreneurial journey, where his entrepreneurial spirit comes from and the realities of being a business owner with a family.

We discuss why Steve has been driven to start new businesses after previous exits, what some of the key factors are behind business success and explore how he balanced being a business leader with being a technical leader in the Salesforce ecosystem and staying on top of the technology.

The last couple of years have been busy and exciting for Steve, so he shares the story around merging his business with another company, and then talks about how they were then acquired by Apps Associates. Steve also discussed what the whole experience was like in the middle of a pandemic, when meeting people face to face was impossible.

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We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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