Ben Fuller on RevOps and a spotlight on the Salesforce Admin role [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Director of Internal Systems, Ben Fuller, who is based in the USA.
We’ve recorded with Ben previously, most recently at Dreamforce, and so it was good to catch up with him again in 2022. Throughout the episode we explore the Salesforce Admin role, the difference between a Junior and Entry-level Admin, and what exactly that means in terms of experience and skillset.
We discuss Ben’s own hires, how he approaches seeking out and being open to talent crossing his path, and what he looks for to set his own team up for success.
We exchange thoughts on a recent tweet claiming that anyone can get certified in Salesforce in 2-3 weeks, Ben’s own response to this, and his views on personal brands and job descriptions within the Salesforce ecosystem.
Finally we delve into the world of RevOps, exactly what it is and how it is gaining traction.
Make sure you’re following Ben on LinkedIn for his insights, often candid, usually humorous, and he can also be found on Twitter @bdfuller.
Reach out to Ben with any questions that you may have, as he’s more than happy to assist you on your journey.
We hope you enjoy the discussion!



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