Mark Tossell on the power of analytics and weaponising your data [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we speak with Practice Lead of Visioneer360, Mark Tossell, on the subject of analytics, machine learning, and the data space.
We first recorded with Mark back in 2018, when Visioneer360 was first launching, and so we thought it was time to catch up again to find out how the business and his role have evolved, particularly given the flurry of acquisition activity which has been happening in the space.
Throughout the episode, we discuss products and their capabilities, how they are shaping industries, and the innovation which has been occurring in a world where we’ve been pushing to transform with remote work.
We talk about opportunities businesses have to harness their own data, and how powerful having insights and using them is, in transforming organisations to be more efficient, productive, and profitable.
The episode will be useful to people interested in data and analytics, AI, BI, and machine learning amongst other topics, and Mark gives his insights into how industries are doing analytics well, and of course, what excites him about the future of the platform.
You can check out the Visioneer360 website for further details on what we’ve discussed in the episode.
Do make sure you’re following Mark on LinkedIn and Twitter for more content and insights, and look out for his upcoming book, on his website, A Most Unlikely Trailblazer where you’ll also find blogs such as:
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