Part 1: Matt Hollingshead and Chris Hopper on everything Salesforce interviews [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we catch up with USA-based Salesforce Recruiter, Christopher Hopper and Matt Hollingshead, Director of Business Systems for BetterCloud, to cover a wide range of topics around Salesforce interviews.
We dive into discussion around how interview questions are typically structured, the things that hiring managers are typically looking for, and whether this is always consistent. 
They share tips for how both candidates and hiring managers can best handle gaps in experience and the dreaded nerves. We also talk about how candidates can best prepare for interviews, and the knock on effect of when candidates renege on initial acceptance.
This is Part 1 of the chat, and we have even more insights and truth bombs to share with you in Part 2, next week.
We regularly catch up with Chris on the podcast, as he’s a popular voice with our listeners. There are several previous episodes that we have recorded at past Dreamforce events and throughout the year with him, including candid chats, predictions and observations. If you’ve missed any of these, then head back through the show to catch up on what you missed.
Chris comes from a technical background himself which gives him a unique insight, and he’s a valuable voice and content creator to follow on social media. You can find him on LinkedIn, or visit his website for articles, videos, and information.
Matt has successfully placed over 1000 candidates throughout his career and so is an experienced and knowledgeable hiring manager to glean insight from on the topic of interviews. He has some refreshing approaches to recruitment and so make sure you’re also following him on LinkedIn.
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