Sam Hoult on building a Salesforce product and the power of the emerging ‘build in public’ movement [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Founder of dataimporter, Sam Hoult, who is based in Germany.
Throughout the episode we discuss how he found his way into the Salesforce ecosystem, and the different roles that he’s played over the years, as well as what has led him to launch his own Salesforce product and business.
He explains the challenges, the rewards, and the skills which he has had to hone and acquire over the course of his journey.
Sam has been very open and transparent with each step of developing and bringing to market his product, having been inspired by the increasingly popular, ‘build in public’ movement on Twitter and LinkedIn. We delve into what this is exactly, the reasons it has come about, and the benefits he’s enjoyed from sharing his successes, challenges and requests for feedback and a general helping hand with the online community.
Make sure you’re following Sam on LinkedIn for his insights, and updates on his endeavours.
Reach out to him with any questions that you may have, as he’s more than happy to assist you on your journey or provide any help.
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