Carl Brundage on life in a product company, his journey to CTA and what excites him about Einstein [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we talk with Salesforce CTA, MVP, and Master Architect at Odaseva, Carl Brundage, based out of Pennsylvania in the USA.
We kick the episode off by understanding how his education and background first led him into the world of I.T. More specifically how Carl found his way into the Salesforce ecosystem and the roles that he’s played up until this point. We talk to Carl about his role today with Odaseva and what it’s like to work for an AppExchange product organisation.
We wanted to delve into Carl’s certification journey, given the extensive list of certifications that he has achieved, and we discuss his view on the value of certifications, and why he believes they’re important.
Being a Salesforce CTA who has been a judge on the Review Board, we cover the topic of CTA with Carl in detail, discussing the various different types of Architects, how somebody can begin to self-assess if they should set the CTA as a goal for themselves, and the Architect mindset. As Carl has trained a number of aspiring CTA’s previously, he is able to provide deep insight into how you should approach setting as a goal for yourself and how best to prepare.
We enjoyed discussing the Einstein platform with Carl in particular, where it’s positioned and what about it excites him for the future.
Carl gives a lot back to the Salesforce ecosystem and we’re honoured that he took time out to share his story for this podcast episode, we hope you enjoy it! Make sure you’re following Carl on LinkedIn and Twitter, and you can check out Odaseva here.
This episode was brought to you by our sponsors, FlowRepublic, the Elite Salesforce Academy, and so make sure you check them out if the Salesforce CTA is a goal that you are looking at working towards.

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