Vinay Sail on enterprise architecture and the pursuit of the CTA [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Netherlands based Salesforce CTA, Vinay Sail.

Vinay is an Enterprise Architect and talks us through what first attracted him into the technical space and the world of Salesforce, and more recently to pursue the CTA path.

We talk about how he first started designing Salesforce solutions, we cover the different types of architects and what each one does. Vinay explains the structure and planning aspects of architecture, and how TOGAF certifications and others similar, can assist professionals to build that framework.

We touch on architecture from the business’s perspective; the outcomes that they can expect to see, and the return on investment from the work produced.

As a Certified Technical Architect graduating from the FlowRepublic Academy, Vinay explains his personal CTA journey, the study group that he was a part of, and shares the productivity tips that he adopted to achieve success.

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