Analysis of the ANZ Salesforce Market in Q1 2024

Analysis of the ANZ Salesforce Market in Q1 of 2024

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In today’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk, we summarise Q1 of 2024 (first quarter), the pace of market activity, and the speed of hiring processes.

We discuss Salesforce salaries, the split between contract and permanent opportunities, job application numbers, and the number of relevant candidates for Salesforce roles. We look at which specific types of Salesforce partners are still hiring and growing in Q1, and why, and we discuss which Salesforce skills, in particular, are most in demand as we head into Q2.


Key takeaways from the episode:

The first quarter of 2024 (Q1) has been slightly underwhelming and disappointing in terms of market activity.

Salaries have remained flat and some candidates have taken pay cuts Salesforce job vacancies being advertised are high.

There is a lack of Salesforce industry skills in the market, despite demand being there.

Timing, location, and skillset are all factors in securing roles.

There are positive conversations and signs of opportunity for the future.



(00:00) Underwhelming market activity

(01:03) Slow hiring processes and redundancies

(03:48) Lack of relevant candidates for Salesforce roles

(04:44) Hiring and growth in smaller and mid-tier Salesforce Partners

(07:27) Positive signs and opportunities


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