Andy Forbes and Joseph Kubon on AI in Salesforce

The impact of AI in Salesforce delivery and the role of Consultants in the AI era with Andy Forbes and Joseph Kubon

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Today on the Talent Hub Talk, Andy Forbes and Joseph Kubon discuss the impact of AI on Salesforce professionals and the role of consultants in the AI era. They share insights into how they met and their journey of writing a book on AI in ‘ChatGPT for Accelerating Salesforce Development’, with authors Philip Safir and Francisco Falder.

They explain how Artificial Intelligence can be utilised in various aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem, how they first became interested in AI, and how they use it day to day. The conversation highlights the potential it offers in accelerating value delivery, improving efficiency, and enhancing decision-making. Andy and Joseph emphasise the importance of understanding the limitations and risks of AI and the need for human validation and testing.

Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for Salesforce professionals looking to leverage AI in their work.

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Key takeaways from the episode:

  1. AI has the potential to accelerate value delivery and improve efficiency in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  2. Salesforce professionals can utilize AI tools to automate repetitive tasks, generate code and documentation, and provide insights for decision-making.
  3. Consultants can leverage Artificial Intelligence to deliver projects more quickly and focus on strategic initiatives.
  4. It is important to understand the limitations and risks of AI and to validate and test AI-generated outputs.


Table of contents in ‘ChatGPT for Accelerating Salesforce Development’:

  1. Getting Started Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Development: Kickstart your journey into integrating AI with Salesforce.
  2. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Configuration: Simplify configuration processes with AI assistance.
  3. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Flows: Enhance workflow automation and logic with AI insights.
  4. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Feature Design: Innovate and design features efficiently using AI.
  5. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Apex That Someone Else Wrote: Understand and improve existing Apex code with AI help.
  6. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Apex: Elevate your Apex programming with AI-generated insights.
  7. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Web Services and Callouts: Integrate and optimize web services seamlessly.
  8. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Triggers: Create and manage triggers more effectively with AI.
  9. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Lightning Web Components: Enhance your LWC development with AI-powered techniques.
  10. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Project Documentation: Streamline documentation processes using AI.
  11. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce User Stories: Craft and refine user stories with AI’s analytical capabilities.
  12. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Testing Scripts: Develop more robust testing scripts aided by AI.
  13. Using ChatGPT for Salesforce Debugging: Troubleshoot and resolve issues faster with AI assistance.
  14. What You’ve Learned and What’s Next: Reflect on your learning journey and explore future possibilities.


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