Matt Robison on developing and launching a product

Matt Robison on building and launching a product, overcoming challenges during development, and wearing multiple hats as a business owner

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In today’s Talent Hub Talk episode, we’re joined by Matt Robison. Matt Robison is the founder of Lightbox Logic and the creator of Marketing Cloud Connect Toolbox, which has recently been listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. Matt came back on the show to tell us all about his journey of building the Marketing Cloud Connect Toolbox, where the idea came from, how he approached building it whilst being in employment, what the AppExchange process was like, and tips he would share with others looking to build a product.

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Key takeaways from the episode:

  • Identify gaps in existing systems and develop products to solve them
  • Extensive research and evaluation of competitors is crucial
  • Staying on the Salesforce platform ensures data governance and security
  • Overcoming challenges and failures is part of the product development journey when launching a product on the Salesforce AppExchange, focus on solving a real problem that customers are facing
  • Submit for security review early in the process to avoid delays
  • Price your product based on its value to the customer, not the time spent on development
  • As a business owner, be prepared to wear multiple hats and constantly learn and adapt in the sales role



(00:00) Matt Robison- Introduction and background

(08:43) Identifying the gap in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud integration

(15:17) Data Governance and Security in the Salesforce ecosystem

(30:18) Tips for listing on the AppExchange

(38:19) Overcoming objections and justifying the need for the product

(45:19) Target audience for the Marketing Cloud Connect Toolbox


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