Daniel Sanchez on the power of Slack in the Talent Hub Talk Podcast

Daniel Sanchez on the power of Slack

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Daniel Sanchez, Co-Founder of 21b, a Slack Consulting business.

Daniel talks us through his early career, his roles in the Salesforce ecosystem, where he first worked with Slack, and if he saw the Salesforce acquisition coming.

Daniel shares where the idea for 21b came from and what he has seen post-acquisition that has encouraged him to build a consulting business focused on Slack. We discuss what a typical Slack project looks like, what skills are required to implement and support Slack, and what Daniel is seeing as some of the best use cases for the product.

Finally, Daniel explains where he anticipates further enhancements of the Slack platform, how he is enjoying his own entrepreneurial journey, and where he sees opportunities for 21b in the future.

You can connect with Daniel on his Linkedin page.

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