Emily McCowan on her journey to CTA

Emily McCowan on what needs to align for your journey to CTA

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to welcome back Emily McCowan, Salesforce CTA and Public Sector Solutions Lead.

Since the last time Emily was on the show, she has successfully passed the CTA review board, so we unpick her journey from the beginning to now.

We look at the different roles Emily has held, why she has doubled down on working in the consulting space more recently, how her CTA journey took shape, and who has inspired her along the way.

Emily talks candidly about the CTA not being a race, what needs to align for anyone pursuing it, and how certain groups like Ladies Be Architects, Women In Tech, and FlowRepublic helped her.

Finally, Emily talks about what is important to her now and what she enjoys most about working on Public Sector projects.

You can connect with Emily on her Linkedin page.

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