Georgii Saveliev on Salesforce Industries

Georgii Saveliev on Salesforce Industries and the benefit of having a specialisation

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Georgii Saveliev, a Salesforce CTA and Specialist in Salesforce Industries, Communications Cloud.

We discuss Georgii’s initial interest in IT, how his Salesforce journey started and what excited him about the opportunity to join Vlocity back in 2018.

Georgii passed the CTA review board while employed by Salesforce, but while specialising in Vlocity, so he explains if this specialisation was a help or a hindrance for his CTA goal at the time.

Georgii provides an overview of Salesforce Industries, Omnistudio, the differences between Salesforce Revenue Cloud and Industries CPQ and explains how he came to specialise in Communications Cloud.

Finally, Georgii provides his view on how the Salesforce Industries space will evolve, what encouraged him to take the leap and leave his role with Salesforce to start his entrepreneurial journey and why he feels it is a smart move to have a specialisation.

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