Grant Ongstad on optimizing your Salesforce org

Grant Ongstad on ensuring your Salesforce org is optimized to it’s full potential

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This week on the Talent Hub Talk, we’re joined by Grant Ongstad. Grant is an experienced Salesforce professional based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and he is someone we reached out to after seeing his content on LinkedIn.

In the episode, we explore Grant’s early career, how he came from a non-technical background but found his way into the Salesforce consulting space, and what he recommends non-technical people learn or focus on if they’re looking for a Salesforce career.

Grant shares why he spends a lot of time fixing Salesforce orgs and what he looks for when he starts with a new customer.  He also advises when should companies  look for external support if their Salesforce platform isn’t functioning smoothly.

We hope you enjoyed the episode and you can find Grant out on LinkedIn.


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