Jennifer Thai on the art of Business Analysis and the Salesforce Business Analyst role

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In today’s episode of Talent Hub Talk, we’re delighted to be joined by Jennifer Thai. Jennifer is an experienced senior Salesforce Business Analyst who has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for many years.

In this conversation, Jen shares her journey from Computer Engineering to becoming a Business Analyst in the Salesforce ecosystem. She discusses the evolving role of a Business Analyst and the importance of being solution-agnostic. Jen emphasizes the need for curiosity, people skills, and continuous learning in the role. She also explores the differences between a Functional Consultant and a Business Analyst, highlighting the importance of understanding the broader technology landscape. Jen provides insights into running effective workshops, building rapport with stakeholders, and the impact of remote work on business analysis.

Jennifer Thai offers advice for those interested in pursuing a career as a Business Analyst, so make sure you’re following her on LinkedIn if you’re interested!


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