Jonathan Fox- from military to Salesforce Technical Architect

Jonathan Fox on transitioning from a military career and a non-technical background, to Salesforce Technical Architect

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Jonathan Fox joined us on this week’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk. Jonathan is a Salesforce Technical Architect and Golden Hoodie recipient based in the UK.

We discussed how he has found success in the Salesforce ecosystem, having transitioned from a career in the military in 2019, and his journey coming from a completely non-technical background.

Jonathan shares tips and advice on how he became a Salesforce Developer. He also worked for Salesforce as a Solution Engineer and now works as a Technical Architect.

This chat with Jonathan is full of useful advice as well as inspiration for others who are looking to build a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Make sure you’re following Jonathan Fox on his LinkedIn page,  and we hope you enjoy the episode!


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