Julian Joseph on the DevOps space

Julian Joseph on the DevOps space for both technical and non-technical Salesforce professionals

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In this week’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk, we’re joined by Julian Joseph, a lead Salesforce DevOps Engineer.

Through the episode, we hear about how Julian Joseph found his way into the Salesforce space. Initially, Julian worked as an Administrator before gravitating towards QA and testing roles. He explains some of the nuances to Salesforce testing and how his passion for automation led him from testing into DevOps, a jump not many people make.

DevOps is often seen as technical, so Julian explains the skill sets required to work in this space. He offers some advice as to why non-technical Salesforce professionals may benefit from learning scripting. Julian talks us through how he has approached his recent job search, how he automates certain tasks, the kind of questions he asked in an interview to assess culture fit. He also shares some recent additions he made to his LinkedIn profile and resume, that make an impact with potential hiring managers.

We hope you enjoy the episode and make sure you follow Julian on LinkedIn and his other social media accounts!

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