Maxime Rebibo

Maxime Rebibo on Salesforce B2C Commerce

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In today’s episode we are joined by Maxime Rebibo, a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Specialist based in France.

We discuss what first attracted Maxime to working with Demandware, prior to their acquisition by Salesorce and then explore whether or not he saw the acquisition as a positive.

We go over the differences between the B2C and B2B offerings by Salesforce as well as looking at the skills required to work on B2C and how the development on this platform differs from coding on the core Salesforce platform.

Maxime explains the types of companies he regularly sees opting for Salesforce B2C Commerce, what makes a project complex and how Salesforce have built on and expanded the Demandware platform.  Finally, Maxime talks about the challenges people face with trying to gain Commerce Cloud experience, but offers some resources that people may find useful.

Make sure you are following Maxime on Linkedin where he regularly shares Commerce Cloud related content. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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