Neha Nagori on her journey from Tester to Salesforce CTA

Neha Nagori on her journey from Tester to Salesforce CTA

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In today’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk, we are delighted to be joined by Neha Nagori, a Salesforce CTA based in Dubai. Through the episode, Neha provides insight into her education and how she was assigned to a Testing role when she moved into the workforce, which made her consider moving overseas for further study and to retrain.

Neha shares how she did find her way into a Salesforce Developer role and how she grasped the opportunity and hasn’t looked back. She talks about the importance of taking on uncomfortable challenges, how she personally approaches learning and shares some of the resources that have helped her. We also discuss the risk of being overwhelmed by the scale of the Salesforce ecosystem and the speed of change but highlight the importance of understanding the basics and doing them well.

Having passed the CTA Review Board recently, Neha explains how she identified the CTA as a goal and the reasons why it was important to her. Neha highlights how much Salesforce community groups helped her while preparing for the review board, and provides some advice for anyone that may be nervous about participating in these groups.

Finally, Neha talks about life as a Salesforce freelancer, the positives and challenges, as well as the different roles she has to play.

You can connect with Neha on her Linkedin page, as she is very active there.

We hope that you enjoy the episode!

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