Ram Babu Singh on the Talent Hub Podcast

Ram Babu Singh on the importance of being out of your comfort zone and the value of engaging with the Salesforce community

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In today’s episode, we are joined by Ram Babu Singh, a Salesforce CTA and Associate Director for Accenture UK.

Through the episode, we explore Ram’s early interest in Engineering, whether he saw it as a long-term career and how he got started in the Salesforce ecosystem. Ram talks us through the early days as a Salesforce Developer and how on-site opportunity in the Netherlands really enabled him to enhance his engineering skill set.

Ram has progressed from Developer to Tech Lead and Technical Architect, so he shares some of the steps he took to improve and grow along the way. He talks about the importance of being out of your comfort zone and asking for feedback, as well as discusses how he manages stress and burnout.

Finally, Ram talks about his journey to CTA, how it played out and the lessons he learnt through the process, plus shares how valuable he found the Salesforce community and different groups that helped him achieve his goal.

You can connect with Ram on Linkedin and also find out more about the CTA Gang of Four here.

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