Suraj Sreekumar on Talent Hub Talk 2022

Suraj Sreekumar on helping customers succeed and giving back to aspiring Trailblazers

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Suraj Sreekumar, a Senior Success Architect with Salesforce, specialising in Revenue Cloud.

Suraj shares details on his early career and how his Salesforce journey started. We then explore the different hats he has worn and how being open to taking on different roles and responsibilities has been beneficial for his career.

Having spent many years working for Salesforce partners, Suraj talks about his knowledge of the partner ecosystem and gives some insight on what he feels makes a great Consultant. Suraj also details how and why he came to focus on CPQ.

Suraj has been working for Salesforce for almost a year, so he explains what his role is, shares some insight into the Customer Success team and explains why he has taken on the responsibility of being a Trailblazer Guide and why he is passionate about mentoring aspiring Trailblazers.

You can find out more information by connecting with Suraj on Linkedin

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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