Andrew Davis on Salesforce DevOps success

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In today’s episode, we are joined by Andrew Davis, Senior Director of Methodology from Copado.

Andrew has an extremely interesting background so he talks us through what life was like before he joined the Salesforce ecosystem, how he approached securing his first role and what his early Salesforce roles entailed.

Andrew shares the reasons he first became interested in DevOps, how he has seen the space grow and why companies have a strategy even if they may not know it. He explains some of the misconceptions that still exist about DevOps and talks us through the differences between Salesforce DevOps when compared to traditional DevOps.

Finally, Andrew shares some tips for DevOps success talks through some of the challenges that are holding companies back and explains his view on teams and responsibilities.

We really enjoyed hearing all of the knowledge that Andrew shared in this episode, and we recommend following him on Linkedin and his website. If you are not already aware of Copado’s tools and capabilities then we also suggest checking out

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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