Arthur Backouche on Talent Hub Talk 2022

Arthur Backouche on breaking into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud market

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Arthur Backouche, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant based in Sydney.

Arthur talks about his early passion for start-ups and initial exposure to the world of programming and digital marketing. Arthur explains how he came to know of Salesforce, what interested him about moving into this ecosystem and what the limitations were with some of the other platforms he had worked with previously.

Many hiring managers struggle to find Salesforce Marketing Cloud professionals, so Arthur gives his view on what skills and knowledge managers should look for when they are considering candidates from other digital marketing roles.

Having successfully landed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud role, Arthur shares what he found most challenging in the new role as well as talking candidly about the difficulties he faced with his job search.

Finally, Arthur explains what he is most enjoying working with, from a Salesforce Marketing Cloud perspective, why he is posting his personal journey online and what he hopes to achieve in the future. You can connect with Arthur on his Linkedin page.

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