Afreen Khan on her Salesforce Journey

Afreen Khan on the importance of strong personal and professional support systems on your CTA journey

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Afreen Khan, a Salesforce CTA and Senior Manager with Accenture.

Afreen explains why she decided to study Engineering and how she positioned herself to land a Java role when she joined her first company.

Afreen talks about her experience of moving to Australia and struggling to find a Java role, which lead her to explore the Salesforce ecosystem. She explains what she first thought of the Salesforce platform and how she hoped her career would evolve after making the switch.

Having spent her career working in consulting, Afreen gives insight into how this has helped her grow and develop her skill set and explains why she decided to pursue the CTA as a goal.

Finally, Afreen shares what she learnt from the CTA journey, who she feels makes the real sacrifice, some of the best advice she was given and what it meant to her to find out that she has passed.

We hope that you enjoy the episode.

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