Katie Villanueva

Katie Villanueva on thriving in the Salesforce ecosystem and ending the stigma around mental illness

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In today’s episode, we are delighted to be joined by Katie Villanueva, a Senior Salesforce Administrator based out of the US.

We cover Katie’s background, how she found her way into the Salesforce ecosystem and why she is thriving since she became a full-time Salesforce Administrator. Katie is passionate about ending the stigma around mental illness and talks openly about her own diagnosis of bipolar and explains why it is so important that mental illness is talked about.

We go over some very important topics, such as communicating openly with employers, safe spaces and the impact of working in environments where you cannot be open, plus resources that Katie has found valuable. This is a topic we feel strongly about, so we are very grateful for Katie sharing her story and pushing the need for more conversation around mental illness.

For more information and guidance you can connect with Katie on Linkedin.

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