Mark Good on the Talent Hub Talk Podcast talking about the world of Salesforce AI

Mark Good on the world of Salesforce AI

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Mark Good, AI expert and Founder of AI Force Training joins Ben on today’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk.

Mark provides fascinating insights into the world of AI and explains how Salesforce professionals are currently using GPT tools and where opportunities exist for future transformation. He talks us through some of the key points from the Salesforce AI Day and shares the vision of his company, AI Force.

We learned a lot from this conversation with Mark Good, including the best ways to approach interacting with Chat GPT, and we hope you get as much from the conversation as we did.

You can follow Mark on his LinkedIn page!

For more information and updates on his company, you can follow AI Force Training on LinkedIn.

GPT Dreamin’ is happening in August 2023 and you can find out all the details at


Enjoy the episode!

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