Waruna Buwaneka from Salesforce CTA to Enterprise Architect

Waruna Buwaneka on stepping into an Enterprise Architect role as a Salesforce CTA

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Waruna Buwanek, a Salesforce CTA and Enterprise Architect joins Ben Duncombe in today’s episode of the Talent Hub Talk and shares his journey from Salesforce CTA to Enterprise Architect.

Waruna talks us through his education and early career, including his initial exposure to consulting and some of his early lessons.

We discuss what Waruna learned from working in a family-run business for several years and how he had a varied and broad role when he returned into the consulting world, and why this was beneficial.

Waruna explains why he wanted to pursue the CTA and what gaps he identified that he had when he started the journey. He shares how he benefited from being part of a CTA study group and how his skillset grew.

Since becoming a CTA Waruna has stepped into an Enterprise Architect role, so we discuss why this appealed to him, what he does day to day, and how it feels to work with a broader audience, who may not necessarily understand the significance of the CTA, or the sacrifices it takes to achieve it.

You can follow Waruna on his LinkedIn page.

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We hope you enjoy the episode!

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